Report about Latoro Small Hydropower Plant

2019 ISTC Report Nura River Clean Up

Report about the Elimination of Industrial Mercury Pollution in Kazakhstan under the Project "Clean-Up of the Nura River" (English language)

2014 Water 21 Orhei Constructed Wetland

Technical article about our Constructed Wetland in Orhei, Moldova, in the October 2014 edition of Water21 (English language)

2007 Presentation Constructed Wetland Jasenovo

Presentation Design Details for Constructed Wetlands, North Macedonia (English language)

2005 Phosphorus Recovery Sapporo

Phosphorus Removal and Recovery from Waste Water by Tobermorite-seeded Crystallisation of Calcium Phosphate (English language)

2005 Phosphorus Recovery Krakow

Is phosphorus recovery from waste water feasible? (English language)

2005 Phosphorus Recovery Johannesburg

P-RoC - Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater by Crystallisation of Calcium Phosphate Compounds (English language)

2005 Artikel Korrespondenz Abwasser

Technical Paper in KA-Abwasser, Abfall (52. Jahrgang, Nr. 11, November 2005), "Anwendung der tobermoritinduzierten Kristallisation zur P-Elimination und P-Rückgewinnung aus kommunalen Abwasser" (German language)

2004 Pollutant Removal

Re-evaluation of the hydrology and pollutant removal/transformation performance of a linear, free-water surface-flow stormwater wetland (English language)

2004 Endbericht Phostrip

Research Project in cooperation with the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and Machowetz & Partner Consulting: Final Report "Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Phosphatrückgewinnung aus Abwässern mittels Aktivfiltration" (German language)

2003 PSP Proceedings

Conference Proceedings: Facing a crisis of confidence in Private Sector Participation in the Water Sector (English language)

2002 Versuch Ecosan

Presentation of the application of EcoSan toilets in Kosovo (German language)

2002 Presentation EcoSan in der Praxis

EcoSan in practice, Case Studies in Central and Southern Europe (German language)

2002 Erfahrungsbericht Separationstoilette EcoSan

Field report about the use of EcoSan toilets at the Austrian mountain shelter Bettelwurfhütte, Austria (German language)

1999 Phostrip Handbook

Biological elimination of Phosphorus from domestic sewage by applying the enhanced Phostrip Process (English language)

Статьи в прессе

2019 Water Resources Development Fund Brochure

Interview with Mike O'Leary about the Urban Water Supply Program in Ethiopia

2016 KenGen Brochure

Article in company brochure of Kenya Electricity Generating Company, leading electric power generation company in Kenya (English language)

2013 PIA Development Global Winner Honour Award ExecSummary

Article about Wastewater Treatment Plant Adlia, Batumi, Georgia (English language)

2013 WB Kazakhstan Eliminating Mercury and Controlling Floods

World Bank Article about Eliminating Mercury and Controlling Floods within the Nura River Clean-up Project, Kazakhstan (English language)

2012 EnergieWasserPraxis DVGW Batumi

Articel about Development in South-Caucasus - Batumi Project, Georgia (German language)

2012 Wirtschaftsblatt Kasachstan

Article about Nura River Clean-up Project, Kazakhstan (German language)

2011 DiePresse Baupanorama

Article about Austrian companis working in the construction business (German language)

2010 ZEK Kraftwerk Imst

Article about rehabilitaiton of Hydropower Plant Imst, Austria (German language)