1988, Posch & Partners (at that time Posch&Comp.) was established at the initiative of Hannes Posch.

1993, Fritz Schwaiger, who had joined the company in 1989, became shareholder and Managing Director. Posch&Comp. renamed to Posch & Partners (P&P).

2006, Fritz Schwaiger took full company ownership when Hannes Posch retired.

2007, Erich Kaschka, who had joined P&P in 1993, was entrusted full management responsibilities with executive power.

2010 P&P established the subsidiary company Kraftwerk Lasberg GmbH for ownership and operation of the small hydropower plant.

2013, the P&P management team was further enhanced with Stefan Preinstorfer, who had joined P&P in 2004, becoming also manager with executive power and Director for Business Development.

Success story

Posch & Partners Consulting Engineers (P&P) has been working for its clients for more than 30 years and has successfully completed several hundred projects in the sectors of water, energy and environment. Operating from the head office in Innsbruck, Austria, P&P has proven capability in managing large and complex projects and has built up an impressive track record, both at home and on the international stage. The firm is strongly export orientated and the majority of work is carried out for clients internationally, with good relationships to funding agencies, governmental organisations and local partners being developed over the years.

Tangible evidence of P&P’s excellent performance is the numerous awards P&P has proudly won, including three highly acclaimed Austrian Consulting Prizes.