Posch & Partners Consulting Engineers (P&P) provide holistic, multidisciplinary, climate-resilient, and socially affordable engineering solutions, combining technical competence, profound economic understanding and protection of the environment with an emphatic approach towards the Client and the project beneficiaries.



Water is available on earth in abundance. However, transporting it to the point of need, improving the quality to make it fit for consumption or economic use, and treating wastewater before returning it to the environment is increasingly becoming a challenge when considering growing populations and the ongoing impacts of climate change.

Posch & Partners have extensive expertise in dealing with all aspects of water. This includes feasibility studies for new infrastructure, and design and construction supervision for water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment, desalination and stormwater systems.

Alongside technical know-how, we also provide profound institutional support to utilities, technical assistance for operational efficiency improvements, development of tariff models, implementation of socially affordable tariff systems, regionalisation advice for utilities, and advice on the various forms of private sector involvement.


The ongoing impacts of climate change, and the limited availability of fossil resources, have finally led to the necessary paradigm shift from carbon-based to renewable energies. Posch & Partners is dedicated to support this transition, by developing hydropower projects; projecting the impact of climate change on river flows and their usable energy potential; ensuring existing power plants are climate resilient; and adapting weirs, dams, conveyor systems, and power plants accordingly.

Our services include sector studies and energy potential assessments with a focus on the impact of climate change, feasibility studies, and design and construction supervision of climate resilient power plants.

The small hydropower plant Kraftwerk Lasberg GmbH www.kwl.co.at is a 100% subsidiary of Posch & Partners. This enables our engineers to gain valuable experience in plant design, operation, and efficiency improvement measures. In addition, the renewable energy generated at the plant fully covers P&P´s own electricity demand.


Care of the environment for our and the future generation´s well-being is a core concern to us, as are the social effects of infrastructure projects and occupational health. We consider these when designing and conceptualising new infrastructure but also when cleaning up environmental hot spots or remediating undesired negative effects of existing infrastructure.

Our experts offer leading expertise in environmental restoration and landfill engineering, soil and groundwater remediation and preparing national environmental action plans and river basin management plans.

We focus on project safeguards including environmental, social, and occupational health aspects of infrastructure projects, and perform environmental and social impact assessments. We prepare environmental and social management plans, land acquisition and livelihood restoration frameworks, stakeholder engagement plans, and climate resilience assessment and mitigation plans.

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