We create sustainable solutions resting on Economical – Social - Environmental equilibrium.

Our mission is to offer complete engagement and professional commitment to our clients. Be it technical problems, or institutional and managerial support, our experts and team leaders are personally committed to go the extra mile to make projects a complete success.



We want to be an accepted partner ("Known Value") for sustainable water and environmental engineering.


Every service delivered by us provides added-value for our clients. We achieve this through:

  • Understanding our client’s needs and delivering solutions.
  • Seeing the bigger picture, but taking care of the finest details.
  • Encouraging ingenuity, yet guaranteeing results.


Approach & Companies Policy

We operate focused on objectives and are open for partnerships that compliment and strengthen our capacity to provide state of the art services. Our employees are chosen not only for their technical skills, but also for their personnel and social skills, which match our mission of providing full commitment to our clients and to project success. In addition to our highly qualified permanent staff, excellent long term working relationships with numerous external experts allows P&P to adapt to the specific needs of any project and provide the client with the best possible project team.


The core values ​​of our company are:

  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Committment
  • Results-Orientation
  • Efficiency
  • Promptness

The Company is committed to comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements with respect to environmental, occupational health and safety aspects.

Furthermore, we are committed to continually improve our services and processes with regard to quality, environment and occupational safety.