Project Preparation and Feasibility Studies for Construction / Reconstruction of Water Supply Systems in Rural Areas

Country: Albania

Project period: 12/2015 - 03/2017

Client: Albanian Development Fund (ADF)

Investment amount: EUR 30 million


The overall objective of this Rural Water Supply Program III programme is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants in rural areas and support the economic development of these areas. This objective shall be attained through small and medium scale investments in the water supply systems for provision of reliable and hygienically safe water supply at O&M cost recovering tariffs. The programme is financed through KfW and implemented by the Albanian Development Fund.

In a first application phase municipalities and utilities all over the country are encouraged to apply for funding in their water supply systems and the Consultant will select and rank the possible sub-projects based on transparent and agreed criteria.

In the second phase social and technical feasibility studies will be performed for an overall investment amount of more than EUR 30 million.

Services provided:
  • Support to the PEA in the overall management of the implementation
  • Elaboration of detailed villages selection procedure with minimum exclusion, evaluation, and ranking criteria
  • Implementation of the application phase including development of a strategy for a country-wide information and promotion campaign
  • Establishment of a data base of sub-projects, evaluation of the application and preparation of an Initial Long-list subject to approval by the PEA and KfW
  • Preparation of Social Feasibility Studies (SFS)
  • Preparation of  Technical Feasibility Studies (TFS) for socially feasible projects
  • Ranking of sub-projects (villages) according previously defined criteria and parameters elaborated in the SFS and TFS

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