Provision of the services of services of Risk Assessment of Voda Donbassa Water Supply Services in Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine


Country: Ukraine

Project period: 11/2016 - 03/2017

Client: UNICEF

Investment amount: USD 212,710 (consulting)


The armed conflict lasting since mid of 2014 in the Donbass of Ukraine continues to affect the supply of essential services such as water and electricity in the region. The bulk water supply system operated by PU “Company Voda Donbassa” dates back to the 1930s and provides water to about 3.9 Mio consumers in Donetsk Oblast. Its infrastructure runs from Sloviansk all the way to Mariupol – and is therefore situated close to, and in fact crosses several time, the contact line, whilst serving people in areas controlled by the Ukrainian government, as well as the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic”.


UNICEF has contracted Posch and Partners with the implementation of a risk assessment in the Donbass area. The objective of the assessment is to identify and cost priority investment opportunities to increase the resiliency of water services to people supplied by Voda Donbassa’s main water system, based on system and management vulnerabilities in the presence of conflict-related risks.


The assessment focusses on risks threatening the safe and reliable supply of bulk water by Voda Donbassa. It considers relevant governance, institutional, financial and technical issues directly and indirectly connected to the current context.

Services provided:
  • Data collection review of all technical and financial documentation available
  • Extensive field inspection of the water supply systems on both sides of the contact line
  • Technical assessments of all water treatment and distribution facilities
  • Financial and managerial assessments of the regional offices of Vodo Donbassa
  • Analysis of O&M practice
  • Institutional and legal assessment
  • Environmental risk screening

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