Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Water Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Expansion in Lilongwe City

Country: Malawi

Project period: 08/2018 - 06/2019

Client: Lilongwe Water Board, World Bank

Investment amount: EUR 1,679,749 (Consulting)


The aim of this project is to upgrade, rehabilitate and expand the water distribution network in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The length of the Lilongwe Water Board’s (LWB) water distribution network is approx. 1,758 km serving a total of 67,518 connections and about 70% of the fast-growing population are currently served.

The network is generally characterised by low operating pressures and frequent interruption of supply due to a combination of minimum elevation difference between the reservoir and the customers, insufficient hydraulic capacity of some key pipes and leakage.


With financial support from the World Bank LWB is now implementing 3 investment packages, namely:

  • Priority distribution network investments comprising:
    • Replacement of 124km of pipelines (DN50 – DN800)
    • Permanent pressure and leakage control system
  • Priority transmission network investments comprising:
    • Construction of 27km new transmission mains (DN300 – DN800)
    • Construction of 4 no. new reservoirs with 650m³ each and of 8 no. new pumping stations
  • Network Expansion comprising in total:
    • Construction of 186km new pipelines
    • 14,700 new house connections and 60 no. new communal water points
    • Construction of 3 no new service reservoirs and of 3 no. new pumping stations



Services provided:

  • Overall project management
  • Hydraulic modelling of current and future network
  • Detailed design of all new constructions and rehabilitation works
  • Preparation of tender documents according FIDIC MDB and World Bank SBDs
  • Construction Supervision – perform the duties of the Engineer according FIDIC

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