Technical Implementation Consultant for Nairobi Satellite Towns Water and Sanitation Development Programme. Phase 1: Ruiru-Juja and Kiserian-Ongata Rongai Water Supply Projects

Clear water tank

WTP outlet pipes

Country: Kenya

Project period: 12/2016 - 07/2020

Client: Athi Water Services Board

Investment amount: EUR 2,964,828.50 (consulting)


The objective of the project is to provide sustainable access to potable water supply services in urban and peri-urban areas in the fast growing satellite towns around Nairobi. The existing water supply systems are often old and degraded and major new living areas are not connected. Following extension and rehabilitation approx. 365,500 people will benefit from new connections or improved services.


The main components are as follows:


1. Ruiru – Juja Water Supply Project: Augment the existing pump station at the water intake, enhance the capacity of the existing water treatment plant by 5,000 m³/d by installing lamella plates in the sedimentation tank and construct one additional filter, construct new transfer mains (around 13.5 km) and construct / extend the distribution network (around 135 km), install necessary consumer connections.


2. Kiserian – Ongata Rongai Water Supply Project: rehabilitate 2x100 m³ water tanks, construct new and extend the existing water supply system (around 135 km), install necessary consumer connections.


For both projects, a total of around 16,700 consumer meters plus fittings as well as operations & maintenance equipment will be procured. For all those investments, project management, detailed design, preparation of tender documents, procurement and construction supervision services are provided.

Services provided:
  • Detailed design
  • Design review of existing designs
  • Prepare tender documents and specifications according to FIDIC Red Book
  • Undertake Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies and monitor the implementation during the course of the construction
  • Undertake a Resettlement Action Plan for the proposed infrastructure
  • Procure the Works Contractors and Supply Contractors
  • Supervise the construction and handover of the water supply infrastructure
  • Assistance to PIU

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