Construction Supervision for the Nura River Clean-Up Project Complex

Partly demolished factory building

Laying of HDPE membrane on landfill

Country: Kazakhstan

Project period: 06/2006 - 05/2013

Client: Committee for Water Resources, The World Bank

Investment amount: USD 41 million


The project comprises the supervision and coordination of the first 2 works contracts within the World Bank financed Nura river clean-up Project, i.e. the construction and operation of the Apan landfill, the demolition and clean-up of the Karbide factory and adjacent sites and the clean-up of the Nura river and Zhaur swamp.

The former Karbide factory, origin of the mercury contamination in the Nura river valley, is being demolished, with adjacent areas partly cleaned-up or contained. In and alongside the Nura river more than 2 million cubic meter of contaminated material must be removed. River sediment is being excavated by hydraulic dredge and material from river banks and flood plains using excavators. Transfer stations are used to prevent the spread of contamination during transport works.


A hazardous waste landfill is also being constructed near to Temirtau where all contaminated material shall be disposed in two different hazardous waste classes. 24 hours operation is required for all transport works and the landfill to allow implementation of the works within the scheduled 4 year period.

The entire works implementation is based on strict H&S requirements and a strict black – white zone concept featuring special sluices for personnel and equipment is enforced on all construction sites. Parallel environmental monitoring has to be performed by the Contractors under the supervision of the Engineer.

Services provided: Construction supervision according to FIDIC conditions of contract (Red Book) featuring:
  • Supervision of all Health & Safety requirements
  • Assistance to the Contractor in mobilization, start of works and liaison with related state agencies
  • Supervision of the environmental monitoring programme
  • Final approval of cleaned areas
  • Financial and time control of the works contracts
  • Technical assistance to the Contractors
  • Design revision

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