Development of Guidelines for Yntumak Reservoir Operation

Country: Kazakhstan

Project period: 06/2005 - 10/2005

Client: Committee for Water Resources, The World Bank

Investment amount: EUR 180,000 (consulting)


The aim of the project was the development of operational guidelines for the Yntumak reservoir. The reservoir is located on the Nura river in Central Kazakhstan downstream of the Temirtau - Karaganda industrial area. Since its construction the reservoir had acted as a sediment trap for pollution being transported by the Nura River. Mercury contamination in particular had accumulated in the reservoir and the reservoir prevented most of the polluted sediments from drifting further downstream, so limiting the extent of the contamination.

Focus was therefore drawn on the existing mercury contamination in the reservoir, i.e in the bottom sediments in relation to sediment management. As the dam structure was not yet finished, recommendations on the future design of the dam, outlet and spillway structure were also made, so as to guarantee minimal impact on the stakeholders and the environment.

Services provided:
  • Study of parallel monitoring and mathematical model project
  • Assessment of hydrologic conditions
  • Assessment of meteorological situation
  • Evaluation of risk due to mercury contaminated sediment
  • Establishment of sediment management options
  • Development of reservoir operational guidelines

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