Priority Issues in the Major River Basins

Country: Kazakhstan

Project period: 01/2002 - 04/2004

Client: Ministry of Environment, Republic of Kazakhstan, The World Bank

Investment amount: EUR 260,000 (consulting)


River basin study for the major river basins of Kazkahstan. Project work was carried out in close cooperation with local experts. After determination of the key data of the river basins, regional workshops were conducted in each river basin, with extensive stakeholder participation, to identify the priority problems. These problems were then ranked according to criteria and then converted into priority projects using standard project data sheets. More than 70 priority projects were identified and then presented at senior Government level to create awareness. Short video films were also prepared and disseminated for information sharing.

Services provided:
  • River basin study
  • Identification of priority issues and their assessment
  • Conducting a series of workshops with extensive stakeholder participation
  • Reformulation of problems into priority projects
  • Presentations at senior Government level

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