Mtkvari Hydropower Plant – Due Diligence Review

Country: Georgia

Project period: 05/2017 - 03/2019

Client: Mtkvari HPP Ltd

Investment amount: USD 130 million


HPP Mtkvari is located on the river Mtkvari close to the Turkish border. With an installed capacity of 53MW the plant is currently the largest Renewable Energy Project in Georgia. Total cost of the project amounts to USD 130 mln, while the loan amount makes USD 65 mln. P&P acts as Lender’s engineer performing design review, advice on technical aspects, construction and implementation monitoring. Special focus is paid on the implementation of the 10km long tunnel stretch conveying water from the intake to the power house.

Services provided:
  • Design Review and risk classification
  • Revision of critical design issues
  • Construction and implementation monitoring and preparation of corresponding Quarterly Monitoring Reports

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