Development of Detailed Project Report for Sierra Leone

Singimi Falls

Country: Sierra Leone

Project period: 12/2015 - 11/2017

Client: UNIDO

Investment amount: USD 349,244 (consulting)


This project is aimed at taking a programmatic approach to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency projects at both the national and regional level in West Africa.

Under this project a Detailed Project Report is conducted for the Moyamba SHPP project, addressing properly the technical, economic and financial issues as well as the environmental and socio-economic conditions. 

The expected tentative technical key data for the Moyamba SHPP project are: design discharge130m³/s, gross head 9m, installed capacity 10MW, annual production 34GWh.

Services provided:
  • Project management, site visits and desktop studies
  • Design and layout of the SHPP scheme, hydro structures, as well as electro and mechanical hydropower equipment, integration into electrical grid
  • Hydrology assessment and calculations of power production capacity
  • Contracting and supervision of the works of topographical survey, geological investigations, hydrological studies and analyses, environmental and social investigations
  • Cost estimation
  • Financial and economic analysis 

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