Technical Due-diligence Services for 8 SHPP’s

Country: Georgia

Project period: 12/2013 - 04/2014

Client: Private Investor

Investment amount: USD 142,500 (consulting)


Our assignment includes Technical Assessments and Technical Due-Diligences for the small hydro power plants Bzhusha, 12.2MW (1956), Alazani I, 6.06MW (1942), Alazani II, 6.06MW (2013), Ritsuela, 6.3MW (1956), Racha, 11.0MW (2013), Kakhareti, 2.1MW (1957), Igoeti, 1.8MW (1953), Triponi, 3.2MW (1951).

The assessment covers newly-built and existing hydropower plants as it can be seen at the construction dates with a nominal capacity in a range between 1.8MW up to 12.2MW.

The hydro power plants are scattered all over Georgia, but are mainly situated in the northern-, eastern- and south part where the landscape is characterized by high mountain ranges. All hydro power plants are diversion schemes, mostly consisting of a water intake structure, a headrace channel, headpond, penstock and turbine house.

Services provided:
  • Technical evaluation of the existing civil structures
  • Technical evaluation of the existing E&M equipment
  • Plausibility check of hydrological data
  • Assessment of current O&M conditions
  • Assessment of current energy production and determination of possible energy production after implementation of feasible technical implementations
  • Determination of monetary plant value
  • Risk Analysis
  • OPEX Evaluation
  • OPEX Estimation for short and long term operation
  • CAPEX estimation for the implementation of feasible technical improvements
  • Financial analyses for the different investment scenarios

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