Renewable Energy Project – Small Power Plant Scheme and Rehabilitation Plan

Country: Samoa

Project period: 04/2013 - 12/2013

Client: Asian Development Bank

Investment amount: USD 720,000 (Consulting)


Samoas power utility EPC is operating several thermal diesel plants and 5 small hydropower plants (SHPP) to provide the required electrical power to Samoa. In order to become less dependent on fuel imports and reduce costs of electricity, the Government of Samoa (GoS) embarked on an ambitious renewable energy programme, in particular developing additional SHPPs. In December 2012 the cyclone Evan damaged seriously 3 of the 5 SHPPs, which should be rehabilitated urgently.


ADB has agreed to assist the GoS in both endeavours. The JV of P&P and STR have been awarded from ADB to perform the Project preparatory technical Assistance (PPTA). The main components of this PPTA are: due diligence on 7 existing feasibility studies for new SHPP projects (comprising technical, financial, economic, social & environmental issues), rehabilitation schedule and investment plan for the power transmission and distribution network, tender assistance for the rehabilitation works of the damaged SHPPs, concept design for a seasonal storage dam project, procurement strategy, capacity strengthening programme (operation, maintenance, trainings).

Services provided:
  • Project management and team leader, site visits and desktop studies
  • Design and layout of new SHPP schemes, hydro structures and electro & mechanical hydropower equipment 
  • Assessment of damages and layout of rehabilitation measures on hydro structures and electro & mechanical hydropower equipment
  • Environmental investigations on site and reports preparation acc. ADB safeguards
  • Hydrology assessment and calculation of power production capacity
  • Financial and economic analysis of the new SHPP projects
  • Assistance to EPC in preparation of tender documents for rehabilitation works on SHPP CW structures and E&M equipment

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