Rehabilitation of Municipal Infrastructure in Batumi Phase III and IV

Country: Georgia

Project period: 04/2018 - 12/2021

Client: Municipality of Batumi, KfW

Investment amount: EUR 85.6 million


This project is the continuation of the Batumi Phase III and IV projects concerning the rehabilitation and extension of the water supply network and the rehabilitation of the sewer system in Batumi.

The related Implementation Consultancy service for Phase III and Phase IV have been started in 2012 and 2016 respectively, but have been terminated by the Employer by end of 2017. This project aims now at completion of the started works and services, i.e. 


  • Component A – Review and completion of design and tender documents, tendering
  • Component B – Construction supervision (new construction contracts)
  • Component C – Construction supervision (continuation of ongoing contracts)
  • Component D – Assistance during defects notification period (ongoing contracts)
  • Component E – Review and update of a Feasibility Study for a city district west of Adlia WWTP and the airport


The measures include stormwater system including large pumping stations, water supply and sewerage networks and a small WWTP in a nearby village. The total value of all works contracts for Components A-D is EUR 97.4M whereof approx. EUR 25M have been disbursed already and the rest has to be implemented now. The estimated investment volume for the Feasibility Study is EUR 85.6M.

Services provided:
  • Overall project management
  • Design review, detailed design and preparation of tender documents
  • Review and update of feasibility study for water supply and sanitation
  • Procurement assistance
  • Construction supervision according FIDIC
  • Works contract management

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